Sunday, June 24, 2012


I've been MIA for a week and I'm been busy running errands before I start my new job which started on Friday.  It's a temp to hire position which I prefer. It gives the company and myself to see if it'll be a good fit.  I'll be working this week then off to Maui from July 1st-8th.  Crazy right?  Who takes a job then take off?  Work approved it considering Fourth of July is smacked down in the middle of the week so it should be a slow week and they'll just have a temp to take my place for those couple of days. So far so good.  Everyone so far has been friendly and I got a good vibe, they seem to be easy going.  

I took CalTrain yesterday and it only took 30 minutes, 3 stops.  I missed taking the train and I don't know if I'll be taking it everyday yet but I'll figure it out.  

This was taken the weekend prior at Grouse Ridge Trail, Nevada City, California

It was so hot so we took our camping chairs right on the water.  That's our youngest Knox. 

I actually got burned.  I applied and reapplied sunscreen and still got burned.  I haven't gotten burned since our trip in Turks and Caicos a decade ago and that's because we fell asleep without any sunscreen on.  The way my bathing suit is I am tanned on my shoulders and legs but my stomach was covered so I'm totally white on there.  I hope to even out next week on our Maui trip.

It was too hot for the Dude and so I laid out my sleeping bag for him.

We didn't do much except sat around and I'll let you in our little secret, DH and I are total geeks.  We play board and card games with another couple almost every weekend.  This time we were playing  The Settlers of Catan in the shade.

Our friends belong to an FJ meetup group and so there were a couple of people who were there just riding around.  This guy didn't check how deep it was and this happened.  He didn't have side doors on his truck so water also got in.

Last I heard his truck is totally dead.  It took two trucks to get him out of the water and wait to get towed out of there.  Moral of the story is you can be adventurous but don't be stupid, using common sense helps not to get yourself in these situations.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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