Monday, June 25, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Michelle Trachenberg

I am a huge fan of maxi dresses.  This whole outfit is actually my staples for summer and when traveling.  Here are two of my favorite maxi dresses worn with my trustee cropped denim jacket.

Oops! Had to revise it I forgot to put a picture of the inspiration.  Sorry!

I was wearing this outfit at a farmer's market and an older gentleman came up to me and DH and asked me if I purchased this dress in Thailand because of the print he said it's like batik.  I said, no I got it at Marshall's for $20 long time ago.  He was surprised and congratulated DH for marrying a smart beautiful woman.  We both got a kick out of that. 

As you can see there are wooden beads that holds the dress. It's detachable and I had to take it apart to make it smaller so that I can pull the dress higher.  This dress is a little longer than the one below so I usually wear my platform flip flops with it or when I want to dress it up I wear wedges but either way you can't see my shoes.

Another maxi dress purchased at Marshall's for $20.  I've had these dresses for awhile now but Marshall's have great selections every season.  This one isn't too long it's stretchy and lightweight, don't need to iron any of these, great for traveling.  I have two denim jackets but I prefer to wear this cropped one with my maxi dresses just to elongate my bottom half more.  I usually just wear flats with this one.

For reference I am 5 feet tall.  

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  1. both dresses are gorgeous, and they look fabulous on you! i love them with the cropped denim jacket!

  2. That Marshalls dress - beautiful! I definitely need to add more maxi dresses to my arsenal.

    1. You really need to Lisa. They are so comfortable and I like having the option to dress it up or down.

  3. Both dresses are adorable on you and that jacket is so perfect for a petite!

  4. i dig both the looks, smart girl! :)


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