Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspiration Monday

It's that time again.  Inspiration Monday at Two Birds.

Busy Phillips

I remember Busy from Freaks and Geeks with young James Franco, Seth Rogen and James Franco produced by Judd Apatow.  I loved that show.

Necklace - Marshalls
Blouse - F21 (old)
Skirt - Anthro (old)
Booties - Anthro (old)

Didn't realized my badge was still on me.
My iPod worn as a watch attached to a leather band purchased from Etsy.

I've mentioned before that my brother-in-law is getting married on October 6 in Chicago and so I texted our dog sitter to confirm that he is available to dog sit for that weekend only to get a text back saying he  can't because he's going out of town that weekend.  It'll cost us $27 x 3 for our three dogs x 6 days if we place them in a Pet Hotel and so the only thing to do is drive down to my Mom in LA and drop them off which wouldn't be a problem but the only time I can do that is Saturday because we are leaving Wednesday night but it's DH's Birthday and we have reservations to a restaurant that I made 2 months in advance that'll be at 6:30PM that night.  It was going to be an early dinner because 6:30 was the only time available and that was two months in advance.  Anyway, I didn't want to cancel and I was determined to make it back in time for dinner.  I woke up at 4AM Saturday and grabbed the dogs and their items and jumped in the car, drove for 5 and half hours and made 4 stops to walk the dogs, get gas, food and my restroom break.  Got to my Mom's at 10:30AM changed into shorts, kissed the dogs goodbye and drove back.  I arrived back in Northern CA at 3:30PM, 3 hours to spare so I walked around the mall until I had to get ready DH was at work.  He thought I wasn't going to make it but I was determined.  It was after all DH's Birthday.

It was a great dinner!  All my driving was worth it.  It was a 12 course meal and everything was superb.      We left the restaurant at 10:30, ate for 4 hours and wouldn't have it any other way.  Pictures are on my phone so I'll upload it on another post and details on how we celebrate our Birthdays but I have to start packing.

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