Saturday, March 31, 2012

Style Inspiration: Anthropologie Leighton Tuxedo Jacket

I wanted an off white blazer because white could sometimes look too stark on me but Forever21 sold out in my size.  So I opted for this.

Forever21 Tuxedo Jacket 

 Mossimo Tank

Michael Kors Shoes from TJ Maxx


Anthropologie Leighton Tuxedo Jacket

I prefer the Forever21 jacket.  I think the Leigton Tuxedo Jacket looks a little awkward and a little boring.  Not to mention the price difference.

Anthropologie Leighton Tuxedo Jacket - $288
Total Outfit - $137

Savings $151

What I learned from Andie Walsh

Andie Walsh for you ladies and gents not familiar with 80's movies, is a character from a John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink, starring Molly Ringwald. I grew up watching brat pack movies and John Hughes movies are definetely a classic along with Thundercats, Robotech, GI Joe's, Smurfs, He-man, SheRa, Gem, just to name a few.I would like to think that Andie inspired me to thrift shop, wear blazers and showed me how to be an individual by finding my own style. Not at all the fact that my parents were immigrants and they didn't have much money to buy me the trendiest clothes from Contempo or Rampage. Instead of Nike I got ProWings from Payless. I didn't own Guess jeans or Calvin Klein and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thrifting made me an individual. Instead of going to the mall we would shop at Goodwill and I would have to come up with my own outfits, work with what stock they had. I couldn't ask for a different size or different color. Then in high school my whole family shopped at Jet Rag in La Brea. My dad loved finding shirts from his era. I gravitated towards the hippie flower dresses, chunky wedged heeled shoes and bell bottoms but the trends finally caught up with me and 60's/70's attire was a big trend in the mid 1990's. At least in the fashion magazines, at Hollywood high not so much. Friends wore baggy t-shirts, pants and sweatshirts, or grunge, with plaid shirts and all black. I stood out and was called Hippie by the basketball team. As always I didn't care. It never bothered Andie, she embraced her individuality. Remember to always be true to yourself and your style. I've continued to love wearing blazers till this day. It's one of my staples.

 My recipe for easy chic wear: Blazer, tshirt, black pants and statement shoes.  I found these Donald J Pliner leopard booties at Nordstrom Rack marked down to $30.  SCORE!!!!

Go To Outfit: Errands in Chilly Weather

One of my go to outfits when it's a little chilly outside.  In this case it's raining and I'm just running errands. My boots looks like they are not the same height coz I was bending my knee a little, don't know why.

Target Mossimo Plaid Shirt (old)
Target Mossimo Tank top (old)
Necklace $8 from Philippines
Anthropologie high waist Farrah jeans $60.00
Nordstrom Born knee high boots $34

Friday, March 23, 2012

OOTD: Mint and Caramel Leather Pants

Besides these pants not photographing well with all it's wrinkles, I love them.  It's not spring here yet so this was perfect for keeping my legs warm but not too warm.  I wanted to wear a white button down shirt with it but it's in the laundry.

I really like this mint sweater from Forever21.  The back is actually sheer but I forgot to take a picture, duh!  The pants are from Nordstrom Rack, my favorite store.  It's made by Kenna-T original price is $548 and I got it for $80.  I've been eyeing this for awhile but before markdown it was still $200.  I'm usually a size 26 or 27 and this was in the markdown rack of Savvy size 25.  Before trying it on I asked an associate to check if they have my size and they said no it's the last one.  I couldn't put it down so I tried it and it was perfect.  Perfect length and because it's 100% leather it'll mold to my bottom half.  It's so soft and again I can't help but to caress my legs.

If you can't tell I've been on a leather kick lately.  First my Leith leggings and now these beauty.  Not to mention the skirts.  You def need to check your Nordstrom Rack for leather items because you can def find some marked down.  The leather ones will last for years to come and if you're against wearing leather then no worries everyone has their own thing.  

Have  great weekend!

Style Inspiration: Anthropologie Tuxedo Wide Legs

I bought these Trina Turk trousers at Nordstrom Rack for a ridiculous price but I'll keep you in suspense on how ridiculous it was.  Then I saw this on Anthropologie March catalog and thought to myself great minds think alike.

The silhouette of the pants are different, wide legs vs. tapered and I like both but they do have a different feel.  Being a petite-average person I think the Trina Turk trousers works on my frame better but the wide legs pants has a more relaxed feel to them that I do like but the savings are phenomenal. 

                                                   Nordstrom Rack Trina Turk Tux $19.95                                                              

Anthropologie Tuxedo-Wide Legs

Savings of $228.05

These pants are really versatile

Forever21 Top $15
Talbots Toe Cap Shoes $30

Anthropologie Scalloped blouse $39.95
Banana Republic Leopart Pumps $35

Gap - Denim Button Down Shirt (Old)
Anthropologie Belt
Anthropologie Amber Necklace (Old)
Today I found these at H&M $19.95
Are you going to try the tuxedo pants?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cape Crusader

Ugh, I hate my hair!  My hair is so flat and limp.  But I guess I really shouldn't complain at least I still have hair even though I'm going bald.  I've always had a balding spot on the back of my head that is most visual when I don't wash my hair.  My hair is so thin that when I was a baby my Mom shaved my head thinking that my hair will grow back thicker, faster and stronger.  By age two, I still looked like a little boy.  Wearing a red onesie doesn't help either.  I mean she could've at least dressed me up in pink or glue a ribbon on my head.

My Mom and I at Luneta, Philippines circa 1977.
Another thing to point out.  Even at an early age I didn't look happy getting my picture taken.  Just another proof that I am not photogenic.  I always looked pissed or my double chin is showing, always one thing or another.  So why start a personal style blog and post pics of myself on the internet?  Well because it is what it is. What this blog should've been named.

Thinking back I've always had issues with my hair or I've just had really bad hair cuts?  Like the time when I was 7 and had to get a really short haircut because according to my Uncle in LA, hair cuts in the states are expensive so everyone in my family had to get a haircut before leaving the Philippines.  

The picture below is from my student ID card from third grade, age 7, before we left for the states.

Fast forward to 2012: My apologies for the stringy, dry looking hair.  But again, it is what it is.

It was cold but not as windy as Sunday so I had to somewhat bundle up.  My neck gets cold so one of my fool proof items this season is my leopard Michael Kors infinity scarf.  Remember the part in My Fat Greek Wedding when her dad thinks Windex is the answer to everything?  Well, that's what I think when I think of leopard prints.  Just add anything leopard print and everything will look chic.

Not sure if capes are still in but don't really care.  I have at least 4 capes in my closet and I think it's another statement piece that doesn't go out of style, at least in my world.  Capes are comfortable, roomy, great for those chilly but not too cold of weather and it's a no-fuss item, just throw it on and viola!  Chicness!  As long as you don't stand like this. Nor have a creepy smile that looks like you're constipated.

Vintage Cape from Black & Brown

I'm wearing one of my favorite steals.  Leith leather leggings I purchased at Nordstrom Rack for (drumroll pls.)...........$89.90 originally $498.  SCORE!!! It's so soft and every time I wear it I can't help but caress my legs, don't judge.

Not shown is Smart wool long sleeve black top.  You can see the little man stitched on my left arm above.  It's one thing I've purchased at REI.  I'm not the type of gal who goes shopping at REI for clothes but it's a great warm, thin basic black long sleeve shirt, a little pricey though, but worth it.  Also not pictured are ankle boots with studs on the side purchased again at Black & Brown.  One of my favorite, if you can't tell, vintage stores in San Jose.  You'll be seeing plenty of items purchased from there.  One is a black Diane von Furstenberg dress for $42.  WHAAAAAAT????

Look Mom no arms!

I guess that's all.  It is 1:25 AM and I have to get up early for a dentist appointment so hopefully you guys are having great dreams right now with ______________.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kendi Everyday Inspiration: Fancy Friday

Kendi,  from Kendi Everyday blogged about Fancy Friday and I loved her bright pink maxi skirt.  I just purchased this silk maxi skirt a few days ago and can't wait to wear it but sadly it's been raining here.  I guess I can have some leggings under but then it's silk so that won't do.  Anyhoo, I was playing dress up with it yesterday just to feel like it's spring and I was also testing out my new camera so here's a picture.

                                 Necklace - Anthropologie (Old)
                                 Dark Chambray Shirt - Gap (Old)
                                 Belt - Vintage
                                 Vintage Silk Yellow Maxi Skirt - Black and Brown scored for $26

Just a quick post of what I'm wishing I can wear right now.  But there's hope.  I hear it'll be in the 70's next week.  I'll definitely take more pics then and maybe change it up even though I only wore this to take a pic I'll restyle it for next time.  Also, I'm wearing flats and it's the perfect length for a vertically challenged gal like myself so it'll be perfect to dress it down or up.  

For fun here's Calista Flockhart back in '99.  I mean what was she thinking?  I would rock this having brunch or dinner with friends but not the Emmy's!  

Have a great weekend everyone!

Style Inspiration: Anthropologie Fremont Shirtdress

I love Anthropologie.  Loved it so much I worked there for 6.5 years.  I would've stayed but I couldn't handle retail hours.   I started as part time sales while attending Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), in LA, worked at the Grove location for almost a year.  During that time I was having a long distance relationship with a boy 5 hours away in northern CA when faith stepped in.  Anthropologie was opening their first store in the south bay, San Jose, CA, Santana Row.  I asked to be transferred and I was promoted to manager in training (MIT), to help open the store.  Anthropologie, Santana Row opened on November 2002.  Apparently, I was on the local news that night when they were talking about the grand opening.  I didn't see it but the next day my general manager was squealing in the office asking for my autograph telling me that it was on the 10 o'clock local news, my 15 minutes of fame?  I soon became an assistant manger.

Once I became an assistant manager I knew I wasn't going to last long in that position. Retail hours sucks to begin with and being in management means it's harder to get weekends off and having my whole family and friends in LA was tough especially when my Dad got sick.  I had no choice but to demote myself and became a part timer.  I decided to get a 9 to 5 job so that I can drive back home every other weekend.  It was a challenge but had to be done.  After another two years of that I finally decided to leave Anthro.  It wasn't fun anymore and I'd rather spend those two week nights at home relaxing.

Six and a half years was a good run.  There are times I missed my employee discount but it's rare.  They always have markdowns and I think that their earlier stuff was a lot more interesting.  I've collected plenty of Anthro items, most I've sold due to it not fitting my lifestyle or just doesn't fit anymore but some I've kept just because it's pretty or just plain awesome.  I refuse to pay full price because most of the time you can achieve the Anthro look at a cheaper price.

Style Inspiration:                    

Anthropologie Fremont Shirtdress

Forever21, Love21 Life in Progress Tunic
Vintage Leaf Bracelet


Anthropologie Etched Frond Cuff

Anthropologie = $366.00
Swanky Finds = $39.80
Swanky finds total savings of