Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I learned from Andie Walsh

Andie Walsh for you ladies and gents not familiar with 80's movies, is a character from a John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink, starring Molly Ringwald. I grew up watching brat pack movies and John Hughes movies are definetely a classic along with Thundercats, Robotech, GI Joe's, Smurfs, He-man, SheRa, Gem, just to name a few.I would like to think that Andie inspired me to thrift shop, wear blazers and showed me how to be an individual by finding my own style. Not at all the fact that my parents were immigrants and they didn't have much money to buy me the trendiest clothes from Contempo or Rampage. Instead of Nike I got ProWings from Payless. I didn't own Guess jeans or Calvin Klein and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thrifting made me an individual. Instead of going to the mall we would shop at Goodwill and I would have to come up with my own outfits, work with what stock they had. I couldn't ask for a different size or different color. Then in high school my whole family shopped at Jet Rag in La Brea. My dad loved finding shirts from his era. I gravitated towards the hippie flower dresses, chunky wedged heeled shoes and bell bottoms but the trends finally caught up with me and 60's/70's attire was a big trend in the mid 1990's. At least in the fashion magazines, at Hollywood high not so much. Friends wore baggy t-shirts, pants and sweatshirts, or grunge, with plaid shirts and all black. I stood out and was called Hippie by the basketball team. As always I didn't care. It never bothered Andie, she embraced her individuality. Remember to always be true to yourself and your style. I've continued to love wearing blazers till this day. It's one of my staples.

 My recipe for easy chic wear: Blazer, tshirt, black pants and statement shoes.  I found these Donald J Pliner leopard booties at Nordstrom Rack marked down to $30.  SCORE!!!!

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