Saturday, March 31, 2012

Style Inspiration: Anthropologie Leighton Tuxedo Jacket

I wanted an off white blazer because white could sometimes look too stark on me but Forever21 sold out in my size.  So I opted for this.

Forever21 Tuxedo Jacket 

 Mossimo Tank

Michael Kors Shoes from TJ Maxx


Anthropologie Leighton Tuxedo Jacket

I prefer the Forever21 jacket.  I think the Leigton Tuxedo Jacket looks a little awkward and a little boring.  Not to mention the price difference.

Anthropologie Leighton Tuxedo Jacket - $288
Total Outfit - $137

Savings $151


  1. You have such great taste in shoes! I'm crazy about so many of the ones you've posted already! Do you wear heels most days?

  2. Thanks TS. I don't wear high heels too often. I used to when I was younger then I started wearing flats and I think my feet got so used to it that I barely have any arch left, if that's even possible. Amazingly enough all the shoes I've posted so far have all been comfortable.
    So did you decide if you're going to get the shoes you've been lusting over?

  3. i definitely like yours better! i love the structure of it! and those shoes are amazing, as well!

    1. Thanks two birds. I'm joining your inspiration Monday.

  4. Hi!

    Which F21 did you find this? Or do you have the product number? I cannot find it online.



    1. Hi there! I purchased it at Valley Fair F21 back in March and F21 sells out quick so most likely they don't carry it anymore and the tag is long gone.

  5. aww chucks. thanks! it's a beautiful jacket.


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