Monday, April 2, 2012

Trendy Monday: Neon Pink

I don't have much neons but the small amount I do have I have in pink.  Dearest Hubby doesn't like this particular outfit but I love it.  He's not into the full on neon jumpsuit and I know it's not every one's cup of tea so I went minimal on the jewelry and just wore one of my favorite bracelet that has a big round turquoise stone in the middle. To emphasis my waist and break up the jumpsuit I wore an obi belt from Anthropologie. This jumpsuit will definitely be on rotation for warmer weather.

I've raved time and time again about my local vintage store Black and Brown and this was another find there for $26.  I couldn't get over the fact that the length and fit was perfect.  The only con, just like with any jumpsuits is the pain when I use the washroom.  Have you ever noticed how many words there are for the washroom?  In the Philippines we call it the CR (comfort room) or simply toilet.  Here it's restroom, bathroom or powder room and apparently in Canada it's called the washroom which I prefer.  What do you call it where you're from?

There are slits on both side of my legs that are instant air-condition.

It was a little windy so I threw on my old trustee denim jacket.

For a little color blocking besides the bracelet, I opted to carry my green Prada purse that was a gift.

Dear Hubby actually went out with me and took pictures.  Usually you'll see me in front of a door in our apartment but he was happy to just hang out and take pics, still trying to play with the new camera.  I'm a little timid on taking pics outside because I'm paranoid.  Someone might jump me for my camera plus not really keen on setting up the tripod and make a whole production out of it but one of these days I'll have enough courage to do so.

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