Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tiny Florals

I am linking up with Marionberry Style today for her trend of the month challenge, florals.  For this challenge I realized that I don't have much florals.

I wanted to purchase the H&M black floral pants that's $14.95 but like most H&M items, on me they are not flattering and a little over priced for what they are.  One time I was trying on a shift dress without a zipper and it went on fine but taking it off was another story. The dress went up with my arms suddenly it felt like the dress shrunk down two sizes within my arms and shoulders.  I was struggling to get it off while sweating and on the verge of breaking down crying.  It felt like I had to dislocate my shoulder to finally be free.  It just seems that the cut was too boxy but without any room for the shoulders, if that makes any sense.  Anyhoo, I do have a couple of items from H&M but overall it's mostly misses than hits.

Anthropologie tank and skirt (old)

Vintage bracelet, belt and Japanese bamboo purse from Chicago Flea Market
Shoes are from Nordstrom Rack 

Go check out other bloggers who linked up and get inspired.   Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday.


  1. Love your skirt! Gorgeous!!
    <3 Brandi

  2. I've definitely had that moment in the dressing room when I thought I was trapped inside some kind of garment and starting to panic. I've had to tell myself, "Relax. You will not still be here in five years!" That gives me enough perspective to breathe deeply and slowly extract myself!

  3. i love your skirt!!

  4. I love the print on the skirt and all the bright colors, very pretty! Ack, I hate when you try something on and then realize it's going to be very hard to get out of :(

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Oh my gosh...I have that same panic moment in the dressing room sometimes when I can't get an article of clothing off! Not a good feeling:)
    And love how you belting your tank here...such a pretty and creative way to incorporate floral print!
    Thanks for linking up girl!
    XO - Marion

  6. Cute skirt


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