Thursday, April 26, 2012

James Perse Tank Dress: From Day to Night

I have to say that James Perse is truly expensive but the good news is you can find them for a fraction of the price at stores like Marshall's or Nordstrom Rack.  I would never pay over $100 on any of his items but I have to admit I do see why he has a following.  His items are really soft, comfortable and the silhouettes are simple but just add some accessories and it can transform from day to night.

Running errands

Turquoise and Leather choker from SF street vendor
Fendi purse
Sandals - Old

Going out for drinks with a friend

Vintage Lion head gold belt
Vintage magazine clutch
Black Onyx and gold earrings
Black Michael Kors open toed shoes
 Stay tuned for my other James Perse finds.  One was under $30 and both designs hides my mid section pooch.

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