Sunday, April 8, 2012

What would you have done?

Guess what this series is called?  Yup! It's called What Would You Have Done?

A few days ago me and DH saw 21 Jump Street.  While waiting for the movie to start a group of about 6 people walked in and counted the seats next to us, we were the only ones seated in that row.  The movie theatre wasn't full but everyone was scattered.  Within five minutes four more people came in that was part of the group and they started to figure out if they can all sit together.  They looked like they were looking for a whole row that'll sit everyone in their group.  Part of the group gave up and sat down a few rows in front of us but one of the lady was still trying to make it work and this went on for close to ten minutes.  The movie is about to start and I hear chatter within the group sitting in our row.  The person next to me then turns to me and asked if we can move two seats to the left making room for two people that came in.  Again the movie theatre was not full which is beside the point. I politely whispered,  No.I came early so that I can seat right here, pointing down at my seat. He then turned to her direction and shook his head and said, no.  She was a little dumbfounded asking, What? Why not? Then he finally raised his voice and said NO!Then the movie started.  

My reasoning:
We came in early so that we can choose our seats, which is situated, (at least in my mind) in the middle of the screen and I am not going to move because you didn't give yourself enough time to show up early to pick your seats or have a couple of people in the group come early to hold seats.  Besides it's a movie. Do 12 of you really need to be seated together?  You're not supposed to talk anyway and it's not like you're sharing popcorn and if you were I still wouldn't move.  

After the movie I asked DH if he heard what the guy asked me and he said, Yea. I didn't hear what you said but I figured you said no. I wouldn't have moved either.  I've seen a whole row get up and move so that a couple can sit together not to mention it was opening night and the theatre was packed.  Really?  You just inconvenience 10+ people to move so that you can sit together when it's your fault for being late.  News flash you can find each other by the door after the movie is over, it's gonna be OK.

Do you think was I being unreasonable?  What would you have done?


DH baked this bread so I wanted to share.  It's such a pretty homemade bread and it's really good too.

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  1. Good for you on standing your ground. I would have felt intimidated by a larger group but you are right. I would not feel bad at all!


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