Sunday, April 8, 2012

A very green Easter

You probably have to squint to see me considering I blend into the background.  This is what I wore to church and usually I would think that this is a little bit too loud for mass but hey it's Easter so I opted for a bright green and pink wrap dress.

 The dress is a little long and I'm debating if I should get it shortened about two inches so that it will be just above my knees or just wear higher heels to balance it out.  I've had it for almost two years and this is my second time wearing it so obviously I can't make up my mind to shorten or not.  What do you think?

Here's a sneak peak of what I purchased at the flea market yesterday, vintage Coach signature leather used as a clutch.

For reference I am vertically challenged at 5 feet tall and from this picture I'm leaning towards getting it altered.


  1. I think that altering it to just above the knees would be a good idea for this dress, especially since it has long sleeves. It's so pretty that I bet you'd wear it more often if you did. Why don't you try it out with double sided tape or something to see what it would look like? Good luck!

    1. Great idea!!! I'll def have to test it out. Thanks!

  2. That dress is lovely!

    Hope you had a fab Easter,

    Love HH xx

  3. Rezel...this print is gorgeous! OK so you have 6 DVF wrap dresses as well??? AHHHH!!!!! I think I have to do a post on them! Personally when I wear my wrap dress I always wear it with a heel, or wedge sandal so if you try it that way, I wonder if you'd still feel the need to shorten them? My longest dvf wrap dress is the revolutionary duanne, that one is actually more of a midi dress! My Mom is coming up to photograph for May next week...I'll have a DVF wrap dress in the line-up!

  4. I do have 6 total wrap dresses but I already posted this so it'll be five plus 4 other DVF dresses. I wore pumps with this but not as high as usual. All my wrap dresses are Julianne so they all hit just below my knees. I just don't want to shorten any of them just in case I decide to sell them? Cool can't wait to see them.


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