Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspiration Monday

It's that time again.  Inspiration Monday at Two Birds.

Busy Phillips

I remember Busy from Freaks and Geeks with young James Franco, Seth Rogen and James Franco produced by Judd Apatow.  I loved that show.

Necklace - Marshalls
Blouse - F21 (old)
Skirt - Anthro (old)
Booties - Anthro (old)

Didn't realized my badge was still on me.
My iPod worn as a watch attached to a leather band purchased from Etsy.

I've mentioned before that my brother-in-law is getting married on October 6 in Chicago and so I texted our dog sitter to confirm that he is available to dog sit for that weekend only to get a text back saying he  can't because he's going out of town that weekend.  It'll cost us $27 x 3 for our three dogs x 6 days if we place them in a Pet Hotel and so the only thing to do is drive down to my Mom in LA and drop them off which wouldn't be a problem but the only time I can do that is Saturday because we are leaving Wednesday night but it's DH's Birthday and we have reservations to a restaurant that I made 2 months in advance that'll be at 6:30PM that night.  It was going to be an early dinner because 6:30 was the only time available and that was two months in advance.  Anyway, I didn't want to cancel and I was determined to make it back in time for dinner.  I woke up at 4AM Saturday and grabbed the dogs and their items and jumped in the car, drove for 5 and half hours and made 4 stops to walk the dogs, get gas, food and my restroom break.  Got to my Mom's at 10:30AM changed into shorts, kissed the dogs goodbye and drove back.  I arrived back in Northern CA at 3:30PM, 3 hours to spare so I walked around the mall until I had to get ready DH was at work.  He thought I wasn't going to make it but I was determined.  It was after all DH's Birthday.

It was a great dinner!  All my driving was worth it.  It was a 12 course meal and everything was superb.      We left the restaurant at 10:30, ate for 4 hours and wouldn't have it any other way.  Pictures are on my phone so I'll upload it on another post and details on how we celebrate our Birthdays but I have to start packing.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspiration Monday

Hi All!  I know I've been MIA but work has been busy and I carpool with DH now so after work all I want to do is eat and go home but I actually found a place to take pics at home so hopefully I'm back for good.  I will try to post some pics from our trip to Maui a few months back and whatever pictures worth posting when I was away.

I've missed so much posts, I don't even know where to begin.  I've been wanting to join Two Birds Inspiration Monday for a while to try to get back in the groove and I had the perfect outfits too but I was just bombarded with Life and needed a breather.

Inspiration Monday by Two Birds is Olivia Palermo.  I didn't watched the Hills nor it's spinoff The City  so I wasn't sure who she is and the only reason I know she's from those reality TV shows is because I Googled her.  I do think she is pretty fashion savvy.  I think she has her own style and I am diggin' it. I might have to do a whole week of inspiration from her mostly because I have similar items in my closet so I'm half way there but for now I think two inspirations will do.

Olivia Palermo

What inspired me with this look are the bold colors perfect for fall.  I mean when you think of bright yellow and bright green you thin it's summer but jewel tones or colors that are saturated are always popular in the fall, maybe because of the gloomy weather and to counter act that would be bold jewel tones, at least that's what I like to think.

This picture was taken with a flash so the colors are more true.  The clothes are all from Anthro, considered collectible by now, they are pretty old but the colors are still vibrant and the blazer is a staple of mine for cooler weather.  

Vintage gold lion heads belt from Black and Brown
Tod's padlock purse from outlet 7 years ago

These are clip earrings.  I actually think the ones she's wearing on her green blazer are clip earrings as well.  So if you have vintage clip earrings that hurts when you wear them just clip them on your clothes.  I have bigger ones but they are mostly colored gems so I opted for these.

OOTD:  This is what I wore to work today.  I was going to post this picture instead of the picture above because this is what I actually wore to work today but decided I'll do two inspiration pictures of Ms. Palermo. Reason being is when I looked her up today I actually found a picture of her wearing the same colors I had on.  Again, I am beginning to be a fan of her fashion.  Thank you Two Birds for introducing me to Ms. Palermo.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alteration Needed

Whenever I go shopping I don't pay attention much to tag sizes unless it's obviously too small.  I take into consideration the style and the print of the garment and of course the cost of getting it customized to my specifications.  As you know by now that I am a bargain shopper mostly of designer goods and I take into account the total of everything and I don't mind paying $30 and up to get something altered if I've purchased the item more than half it's original price.

DVF Florane dress original $375 on Sale at Saks for $250.

 Before the alteration. Dresses such as these are easier to alter because the silhouette is pretty straight and it doesn't have any print that would be compromised.

DVF Florane dress size 10 purchased at NR for $71.
As you can see there's plenty of room.

 I took it to my tailor and told him to do his magic cost $30.

He altered it under the arms, sleeves and the sides.
I like the length so that wasn't touched.

Salvatore Ferragamo nude kitten heels (old) from NR under $100.  I don't like wearing black shoes unless I'm wearing something black.  I just think that black with a colorful dress is too stark so I like to wear black shoes with an outfit that has black but other than that I wear neutrals with lighter colors.

I consider myself to be a petite-regular.  I'm vertically challenged but I'm usually a size two -four in Anthro and size 4-8 in DVF dresses so you won't find me in the petite section. But as proof I don't shy away from trying a bigger size than my usual thanks to Ivan, my tailor.

When you go shopping do you check other racks that's not your size or do you just browse your size rack and move on?

Monday, June 25, 2012

OOTD: 20's vs. 30's

Then: In my 20's I would totally be rocking this outfit as is with high heels or really high wedges.

Anthropologie cropped topped on sale for $20
BCBG bandage skirt orig. $158 sale at NR for $23.70 85% savings.

This skirt is so tight, hence the name bandage skirt so I opted for a shorter top because anything tucked in made lumps.  But it's really comfortable and super stretchy. 

OOTD: Work Attire

Now:  In my 30's, no way I would be caught dead wearing a cropped top without something over it.
Anthro Lace cardi/jacket
Belt - F21

Vintage bracelet.

Flower Power

In high school the basketball team called me Hippie because I wore these kind of dresses to school.  The trend back then was grunge but I went to Hollywood High so it was more like baggy clothes with sweatshirts.  The only sweatshirts I owned was to go to sleep in so I stuck out but I wouldn't have it any other way.  At least I never got beat up for wearing the wrong colors.  The Crips, Bloods, Armenian Power had nothing on me. 

Purchased this at my favorite vintage shop.

Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses form Rose Bowl flea Market.

Kept the jewelry to a minimum.

I always wear my cropped denim jacket with my maxi dresses.

I'm wearing Born wedges that aren't too high so this was a good length.  My only concern with this dress is that it has plenty of material on the bottom that ballooned out.

Easy fix.  

I gathered the extra fabric and attached a vintage brooch so it doesn't look like I'm about to float off.

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Inspiration Monday: Michelle Trachenberg

I am a huge fan of maxi dresses.  This whole outfit is actually my staples for summer and when traveling.  Here are two of my favorite maxi dresses worn with my trustee cropped denim jacket.

Oops! Had to revise it I forgot to put a picture of the inspiration.  Sorry!

I was wearing this outfit at a farmer's market and an older gentleman came up to me and DH and asked me if I purchased this dress in Thailand because of the print he said it's like batik.  I said, no I got it at Marshall's for $20 long time ago.  He was surprised and congratulated DH for marrying a smart beautiful woman.  We both got a kick out of that. 

As you can see there are wooden beads that holds the dress. It's detachable and I had to take it apart to make it smaller so that I can pull the dress higher.  This dress is a little longer than the one below so I usually wear my platform flip flops with it or when I want to dress it up I wear wedges but either way you can't see my shoes.

Another maxi dress purchased at Marshall's for $20.  I've had these dresses for awhile now but Marshall's have great selections every season.  This one isn't too long it's stretchy and lightweight, don't need to iron any of these, great for traveling.  I have two denim jackets but I prefer to wear this cropped one with my maxi dresses just to elongate my bottom half more.  I usually just wear flats with this one.

For reference I am 5 feet tall.  

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prada Basic Baroque

 I saw these sunnies last year at Nordstrom and I didn't dare try it.  I've never paid full price for any of my sunnies and I am not going to start now.  I don't have twenty twenty vision, far from it.  I've been wearing prescription glasses since Jr. high so glasses to me is an extension of myself.  My first Rx glasses were pink cat eyes and they were great.  Nowadays I wear contacts most of the time so now l go crazy over sunnies.

My favorite are my Tom Ford's that has been featured on a couple of posts which was purchased at Neiman Marcus Last Call along with my Jimmy Choos and Dior sunnies.  I also get them at Nordstrom Rack, Saks off 5th and Loehmann's.  I always check them for scratches and make sure that the temples are always balanced.

I was cruising the sunglass displays at Neiman Marcus Last Call when I noticed on the bottom was these Prada Basic Baroque.  I immediately noticed the temples and had to try them.   They are in perfect condition and it came with the case, authenticity card, Prada pamphlet and a cloth, the only thing missing is the box for the case.

I haven't worn these out but have tried them a handful of times and this is where I need your input.  Do you think this is really big for me? I love oversized sunglasses and like everyone has mentioned these are like Willy Wonka looking glasses so I haven't made up my mind if I should keep it.  What do you guys think?  How does it look on me?  Should I keep it, return it?

Yesterday I wasn't that sure but this pics aren't bad.  I'm beginning to like it more.

TIA for your input.  

OOTD and Homage to Brave

This was my casual Friday OOTD at my new job.  I like the fact that I am able to wear 90% of my clothes considering it's a pretty laid back leaning towards casual more than business but it's still a corporate setting so I can wear basically anything from dresses to trousers to jeans so I'm stoked.  Plus being able to wear my statement pieces is a major plus.

Shirt - James Perse from Marshall's
Necklace - Anthropologie (Old), one of my favorites.  This was originally close to $200 then got marked down to $99 which is when I bought it the first time but returned it.  We were visiting NYC months after and we crossed paths again but now she was marked down to $20.  It was fate, we truly belonged together.
Jeans - Gap always skinny, one of my faves.

Last Thursday I found this swing coat at Anthro for $100.  I was going to feature it on my savvy finds but didn't so here she is.

 I took the train to work but DH came to pick me up and surprised me with date night.  Brave and dinner.  This coat reminded me of her hair.

Picture was taken from the New York Times

Brave is another Pixar hit.  This might be the first Pixar movie or Disney movie that doesn't really have a Prince as one of the main characters.  I liked it and I cried.  Mother and daughter relationships are just complicated sometimes but there's always that bond.  It was made beautifully.  Is it one of my top three Pixar movie?  Up would be number 1 then Finding Nemo and this is tied with Toy Story 3.

Shoes - Rag and Bone from Nordstrom Rack
Salford Leather and Canvas Wedge brogues.

I've wanted these babies for awhile but the first time I saw her she cost $200 at NR original was $490 then we crossed paths again and she was marked down to $100 so I took her home.  Still $235 at other places.

Are you going to see Brave?


I've been MIA for a week and I'm been busy running errands before I start my new job which started on Friday.  It's a temp to hire position which I prefer. It gives the company and myself to see if it'll be a good fit.  I'll be working this week then off to Maui from July 1st-8th.  Crazy right?  Who takes a job then take off?  Work approved it considering Fourth of July is smacked down in the middle of the week so it should be a slow week and they'll just have a temp to take my place for those couple of days. So far so good.  Everyone so far has been friendly and I got a good vibe, they seem to be easy going.  

I took CalTrain yesterday and it only took 30 minutes, 3 stops.  I missed taking the train and I don't know if I'll be taking it everyday yet but I'll figure it out.  

This was taken the weekend prior at Grouse Ridge Trail, Nevada City, California

It was so hot so we took our camping chairs right on the water.  That's our youngest Knox. 

I actually got burned.  I applied and reapplied sunscreen and still got burned.  I haven't gotten burned since our trip in Turks and Caicos a decade ago and that's because we fell asleep without any sunscreen on.  The way my bathing suit is I am tanned on my shoulders and legs but my stomach was covered so I'm totally white on there.  I hope to even out next week on our Maui trip.

It was too hot for the Dude and so I laid out my sleeping bag for him.

We didn't do much except sat around and I'll let you in our little secret, DH and I are total geeks.  We play board and card games with another couple almost every weekend.  This time we were playing  The Settlers of Catan in the shade.

Our friends belong to an FJ meetup group and so there were a couple of people who were there just riding around.  This guy didn't check how deep it was and this happened.  He didn't have side doors on his truck so water also got in.

Last I heard his truck is totally dead.  It took two trucks to get him out of the water and wait to get towed out of there.  Moral of the story is you can be adventurous but don't be stupid, using common sense helps not to get yourself in these situations.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Savvy Finds Thursday: Donna Karan and Black Halo

I've mentioned before that I purchased a skirt from a store that has a pretty interesting concept well the store is called It's A Wrap! in Burbank, CA.  According to their website they pick up wardrobe and props off the sets of or out of the wardrobe or prop departments of major motion pictures studios and independent production companies.  On top of the rack says what movie or TV shows the clothing are from.  I saw plenty of TV shows and this particular one is from  Hawthorne which is already cancelled.  It stared Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony.  I really wanted to see a rack from The Good Wife because I like the way Alicia and Diane's wardrobe but they didn't have one.  I saw plenty of DVF and some other designer goods.  I'm surprised I didn't see much Anthropologie items considering they are all over TV.  I used to help stylists shop at Anthro for TV shows at the Grove and they received I think it was 25% discount, but that was long ago then they returned whatever is not used.

These dresses and type of skirts are my ideal work attire.  Great for work and cocktails.  

I really like this skirt even though it's a little long but super stretchy.

Dona Karan skirt from It's A Wrap! $42

Turquoise necklace from Marshalls (old)
F21 tank $5
Banana Republic Leopard pumps $30

I think this dress needs to be a little tighter around the hips area?

Black Halo Shriver Dress with leather sleeves Orig. $440
Purchased at Nordstrom Rack $66
Gold and Turqouise Necklace from Philippines

Donald J Pliner leopard booties

Black Halo two toned Jackie O belted two toned dress Orig. 390
Nordstrom Rack $56 which is weird coz others are still $150 I guess it's because it's a smaller size? which shouldn't matter but hey I'll take it.

Vintage bracelet
Nine West nude pumps

Total Savings of $710