Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspiration Monday

Hi All!  I know I've been MIA but work has been busy and I carpool with DH now so after work all I want to do is eat and go home but I actually found a place to take pics at home so hopefully I'm back for good.  I will try to post some pics from our trip to Maui a few months back and whatever pictures worth posting when I was away.

I've missed so much posts, I don't even know where to begin.  I've been wanting to join Two Birds Inspiration Monday for a while to try to get back in the groove and I had the perfect outfits too but I was just bombarded with Life and needed a breather.

Inspiration Monday by Two Birds is Olivia Palermo.  I didn't watched the Hills nor it's spinoff The City  so I wasn't sure who she is and the only reason I know she's from those reality TV shows is because I Googled her.  I do think she is pretty fashion savvy.  I think she has her own style and I am diggin' it. I might have to do a whole week of inspiration from her mostly because I have similar items in my closet so I'm half way there but for now I think two inspirations will do.

Olivia Palermo

What inspired me with this look are the bold colors perfect for fall.  I mean when you think of bright yellow and bright green you thin it's summer but jewel tones or colors that are saturated are always popular in the fall, maybe because of the gloomy weather and to counter act that would be bold jewel tones, at least that's what I like to think.

This picture was taken with a flash so the colors are more true.  The clothes are all from Anthro, considered collectible by now, they are pretty old but the colors are still vibrant and the blazer is a staple of mine for cooler weather.  

Vintage gold lion heads belt from Black and Brown
Tod's padlock purse from outlet 7 years ago

These are clip earrings.  I actually think the ones she's wearing on her green blazer are clip earrings as well.  So if you have vintage clip earrings that hurts when you wear them just clip them on your clothes.  I have bigger ones but they are mostly colored gems so I opted for these.

OOTD:  This is what I wore to work today.  I was going to post this picture instead of the picture above because this is what I actually wore to work today but decided I'll do two inspiration pictures of Ms. Palermo. Reason being is when I looked her up today I actually found a picture of her wearing the same colors I had on.  Again, I am beginning to be a fan of her fashion.  Thank you Two Birds for introducing me to Ms. Palermo.

Now go check out other ladies who were also inspired by Olivia Palermo at Two Birds.


  1. i love that anthro blazer...it's so unique! and your second inspiration is so pretty, too. i love the bold colors together! also, i deleted your #12 link. thanks for playing along this week!

    1. Thanks for deleting the link. Can't wait to see what's in store for Monday's inspiration.

  2. love those deep rich jewel tones
    such a smart idea with the earrings
    great job on both looks

  3. Hi lady :) long time no see! Love these two outfits inspired by Olivia.

  4. Love your take on these two looks, especially the addition of the earrings to accent the sweater. And welcome back!


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