Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cape Crusader

Ugh, I hate my hair!  My hair is so flat and limp.  But I guess I really shouldn't complain at least I still have hair even though I'm going bald.  I've always had a balding spot on the back of my head that is most visual when I don't wash my hair.  My hair is so thin that when I was a baby my Mom shaved my head thinking that my hair will grow back thicker, faster and stronger.  By age two, I still looked like a little boy.  Wearing a red onesie doesn't help either.  I mean she could've at least dressed me up in pink or glue a ribbon on my head.

My Mom and I at Luneta, Philippines circa 1977.
Another thing to point out.  Even at an early age I didn't look happy getting my picture taken.  Just another proof that I am not photogenic.  I always looked pissed or my double chin is showing, always one thing or another.  So why start a personal style blog and post pics of myself on the internet?  Well because it is what it is. What this blog should've been named.

Thinking back I've always had issues with my hair or I've just had really bad hair cuts?  Like the time when I was 7 and had to get a really short haircut because according to my Uncle in LA, hair cuts in the states are expensive so everyone in my family had to get a haircut before leaving the Philippines.  

The picture below is from my student ID card from third grade, age 7, before we left for the states.

Fast forward to 2012: My apologies for the stringy, dry looking hair.  But again, it is what it is.

It was cold but not as windy as Sunday so I had to somewhat bundle up.  My neck gets cold so one of my fool proof items this season is my leopard Michael Kors infinity scarf.  Remember the part in My Fat Greek Wedding when her dad thinks Windex is the answer to everything?  Well, that's what I think when I think of leopard prints.  Just add anything leopard print and everything will look chic.

Not sure if capes are still in but don't really care.  I have at least 4 capes in my closet and I think it's another statement piece that doesn't go out of style, at least in my world.  Capes are comfortable, roomy, great for those chilly but not too cold of weather and it's a no-fuss item, just throw it on and viola!  Chicness!  As long as you don't stand like this. Nor have a creepy smile that looks like you're constipated.

Vintage Cape from Black & Brown

I'm wearing one of my favorite steals.  Leith leather leggings I purchased at Nordstrom Rack for (drumroll pls.)...........$89.90 originally $498.  SCORE!!! It's so soft and every time I wear it I can't help but caress my legs, don't judge.

Not shown is Smart wool long sleeve black top.  You can see the little man stitched on my left arm above.  It's one thing I've purchased at REI.  I'm not the type of gal who goes shopping at REI for clothes but it's a great warm, thin basic black long sleeve shirt, a little pricey though, but worth it.  Also not pictured are ankle boots with studs on the side purchased again at Black & Brown.  One of my favorite, if you can't tell, vintage stores in San Jose.  You'll be seeing plenty of items purchased from there.  One is a black Diane von Furstenberg dress for $42.  WHAAAAAAT????

Look Mom no arms!

I guess that's all.  It is 1:25 AM and I have to get up early for a dentist appointment so hopefully you guys are having great dreams right now with ______________.


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