Monday, June 11, 2012

Eat On Yountville, CA

In continuation of our anniversary weekend extravaganza we drove to Yountville, CA which is close to Napa.  We had brunch at 11:30 AM at Redd.

Anthropologie Dress Original price $248 Sale price $70
Pearl earrings and bracelet from Philippines

Vintage Belt
Tom Ford Sunglasses
Nine West sandals

While walking around I saw this.  People were setting up for a wedding reception.  I bet it'll be prettier when all the chandeliers are lit up under the moon light.

 Redd Menu  

Appetizer: Sashimi of hamachi, sticky rice, edamame, lime ginger sauce

We decided to share an appetizer instead of having our own due to dinner was in 5 hours.  This was light and refreshing which is a weird combo considering it's fish but the lime ginger sauce made it so.

DH ordered Leg of lamb on crostini with side of onion rings.

The lamb was so tender and really tasty.

 Crisp duck confit, crispy spaetzle, lentils and foie gras meatballs 

The foie gras meatballs was a little dry but overall I liked everything but loved the appetizer.

Had dinner at Ad Hoc, which is owned by Thomas Keller who also owns French Laundry and Bouchon bakery.  French Laundry was named the best restaurant in the world a couple of times and of course that comes with a big price tag, 9 course meal is over $200 per person which isn't really bad if you break it down but getting reservations can be an ordeal.  We've decided that we are going to dine at French Laundry for our 10 year anniversary so 4 more years to go.  Anthony Bourdain said, French Laundry is the best restaurant in the world, period, so for foodies like ourselves we have to at least dine at French Laundry once in our life time.

Ad Hoc is casual and the interesting part it is a prix fixe meal for $52 each person family style and one menu so everyone gets the same thing.  I didn't realized that when I made the reservations and I didn't like it, I'm all about options.  But DH is the one who suggested it and overall it's fine.

First up was a chick pea salad and cauliflower which DH wasn't keen on when we read the menu but he actually liked it and I don't like chick pea so I ate the cauliflower and it was OK.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.

Entree, pork roast with tomatoes, radishes, croutons and side of pickled cucumber salad

This was an option to be added and I wanted to compare it to the beef bone marrow from Marlowe, I liked Marlowe better but DH preferred this.  Bone marrow texture is weird it's like fat that you spread on the toasted bread.  I know it doesn't sound appetizing but it was good.

Goat cheese, orange marmalade, cashews and fennel salt

Monkey bread with caramel, almonds and scoop of coffee ice cream on top.  I've read on Yelp! that Ad Hoc is actually a buffet you just ask for more food and it's part of the prix fixe but we weren't sure and we were pretty full so we played it safe and just asked for a second scoop of ice cream which they provided without an extra charge but it could've been that they just gave us a second serving for the heck of it coz it was just ice cream and we were a little embarrass to ask if it's a buffet style so we're still not sure if you can ask to have the entree second time around.  Anyhoo, it was still enjoyable but next time I will def read the menu before making a reservation.

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  1. Happy continued anniversary, Rezel! It looks like great fun, and your Anthropologie dress is so pretty. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Cute dress, nice pictures... I follow you ;)
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  3. What a great find!!! Love it!! and that food is making me drool! Thanks for linking up!!! Hope to see you at the next one!!


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