Thursday, May 10, 2012

Savvy Finds Thursday

On Thursdays I will be showcasing my savvy finds whether it's from a vintage shops, flea market or stores like Nordstrom Rack.

Remember when I talked about Hoarders?  Well sadly I've seen all the episodes available on NetFlix then I moved onto Pawn Stars. I really like that show.  It's entertaining and educational.  I know that some episodes or all are staged but its still entertaining. Anyhoo, back to hoarders.  If there's anything I hoard it would be custom jewelry.  It used to be handbags but as I got older not so much.  Changing handbags for each outfits just became too time consuming and I figured quality over quantity is much better.

The first time I've heard of Swarovski crystals was through a friend who hung a Swarovski crystal heart in her car.  I remembered this moment because I think it's ridiculous to have any crystals hanging in your car considering when sun light hits it the driver behind you is blinded.  It's happened to me before and I've cursed the driver.

 Savvy Finds Thursday: Swarovski 7 Crystal Necklace

  I was on my way out the store empty handed when I decided to stop at the jewelry case. This necklace caught my eyes.  I immediately thought of a wedding I'm a bridesmaid for and the color of our dress is charcoal so I was intrigued.  I inspected it closer and even though I'm not really an expert on Swarovski crystals I know that the Swarovski logo is a swan which is hanging from the clasp.  The crystal is sparkly and hefty with no scratches, it's in mint condition.  It would be a great pairing with my bridesmaid dress.

I purchased it for $22 at my favorite neighborhood vintage shop.

I was curious to see if they still have this necklace on the Swarovski site but I found it at Macy's for $350.  Score!!!
Macy's: A natural inspiration. Swarovski's innovative gold tone mixed metal statement necklace features seven clear crystals in an exclusive cut. Each one is embellished with small crystals, creating breathtaking light reflections. Approximate length: 16-1/2 inches.

Macy's: $350
Vintage shop: $22

Savings of $328

While I was at the mall with a friend I saw this necklace on a mannequin and checked out the price not checking who it's made by.

I wasn't planning on spending $98 that day plus with my shopping prohibition I couldn't anyway.

Last week I found this at TJ Maxx. I thought it looked similar to the Nordstrom necklace I was checking out but at that time I wasn't sure if it was the same but no matter I also liked this one.  The tag said Tasha.

Nordstrom Tasha Spike Necklace
Ball beads intersperse with bold, airy triangles to create a spiky effect in a tribal-inspired necklace.
  • Lobster clasp closure.
  • Approx. length: 17 1/2" with 3" extender.
  • Approx. drop: 3 1/2".
  • Silvertone or goldtone plate.
  • By Tasha; imported.

Nordstrom: $98
TJ Max: $30
Savings of $68

Until next Thursday. 



  1. what a pretty crystal necklace! hope you show us how you wear it at the wedding. the 2nd necklace is so on trend too. aren't accessories fun? especially, when you feel like you've got a good deal. ;)

    1. Thanks Teddi. I'm an accessory freak. I live in tank tops and t shirts but by adding on a statement necklace just transforms the whole outfit. The wedding is on Oct but I'll probably do a dress rehearsal once I get the dress.

  2. I like the way you shop! Great finds!!!

    1. Thanks! I try to shop smart but I don't buy things just because it's cheaper.

  3. That crystal necklace is pretty cool. And what a great deal you got!

    1. Thanks TS. You can't really see it but it has these small crusted crystals around the bigger crystals.

  4. I'm extremely envious of your Swarovski necklace! What a find!

    1. Thanks E. I might wear it sooner than the wedding and just layer it with something else so that it won't be so dressed up. I'll play around with it.

  5. that crystal necklace is gorgeous, but i love them both!!


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