Friday, May 4, 2012

Handcuffs and cherries

It's 70 degrees out but still windy.  I can't wait for this week temperatures are supposed to be in the 80's.  Too bad I'll be inside the office and not enjoying it outside.

Gold Handcuffs lariat
Anthropologie Blouse
F21 tank

Our second furry kid Zoe smelling the remote

F21 shorts and Vintage purse
Sam Edelman Stud shoes

Couldn't decide on which pair of shoes to wear, Cole Haan or Sam Edelman.  The laces on these are mismatched which is the reason I bought it.

Going to see The Avengers.  It's all about Thor, Chris Hemsworth is so hot!  Are you going to see The Avengers?

Have a good weekend!


  1. Very cool purse! And how cute is Zoe :)

  2. Hope you enjoyed Avengers! Love the blouse and the handcuff necklace ;)

    1. The movie was really entertaining. Have you seen it? If not and you like blockbuster action movies as such you should def see it.

  3. That necklace is so edgy! Did you like the movie? I saw a preview for it, got excited, and my husband accused me of having the taste of a 13 year old boy! Oh well, you like what you like!

    1. Haha! I really did enjoy the movie. It would be a good date night movie due to the action and some comedy. You and HH should def see it.

  4. i love your accessories! the necklace is so fun and different, and both pairs of shoes are great!

  5. what a cute clutch - so unique!! love your stop as well.

  6. hey, thank you for your lovely comment a while ago! you look amazing here.

  7. I have a similar necklace. I like yours better. Hey on the lipstick, i've been able to get a complete refund on any that didn't work out. No hassle. They are great that way.


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